Initiation Trip and Healing Retreat in Mexico 15th to 29th May 2017

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Version française/English version follows :

Durée : 2 semaines (15 Mai au 29 Mai 2017)


Particularités du voyage :

« Rencontrez les peuples indigènes du Pays Otomi Olmèque Toltèque Teotihuacán, et découvrez leurs trésors archéologiques dans le cadre d’un voyage solidaire »

Ce voyage est une magnifique opportunité pour aller à la rencontre de peuples indigènes et participer à un projet solidaire, à savoir l’achat d’un terrain destiné à la construction d’un centre de médecines ancestrales Toltèques (situé à 30km de Toluca).

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Photos/illustrations : dans la version anglaise ci-dessous.


15 Mai au 29 Mai 2017

15 Juillet-11 Aout 2017 (3 et 4 semaines)

23 Octobre au 06 Novembre (2 Semaines)

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Duration : 2 Weeks (May 15th to May 29th, 2017)

Specificities of the travel :

“Meet the indigenous Otomi Olmec Toltec Teotihuacan and Maya Land, as well as their archaeological treasures as part of a solidarity trip”


Temples of Tula & Pyramids of Teotihuacan


Toltec Children & Traditional Market



Meeting the Elders & Medicine People


In contact with the Elements

This travel is beautiful opportunity to meet indigenous people and to participate to a solidary project, i.e. contribution to buy a land in order to construct a Toltec ancestral medicine center (located at 30km from Toluca).


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Other Dates:

15 May-29 May 2017

15 July-11 Ago 2017

23 Octobre-06 Novembre

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OUR MISSION: We provide teachings on Ancestral Wisdom for Honoring Our Peoples and the Next Seven Generations. OUR VISION: Following the Sacred Path of Our Ancestors for Healing Mother Earth and Bringing more Peace in the World. RECOGNITION: The IIU is an Autonomous Institution issued in the very ancient and continuous indigenous education and wisdom transmision. And based in the right of Self Determination of the Indigenous Peoples recognized by the United Nation.

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